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Betta Fish Pronounce – How to Say Betta correctly

Bettas are becoming more and more popular in the aquarium industry. Loved for their vibrant colors and dramatic fins, bettas are truly unique fish to own. However, one of the most common questions we get is about ‘ betta fish pronounce ’, i.e. how to say betta the right way. The proper English pronunciation of Betta is “bet-tah” and not “bay-tah.”

Many people often will look up the spelling of a word they don't understand in a dictionary. But very few people bother to find out how to pronounce it properly. This is unfortunate because knowing whether something is pronounced, can have a profound effect on the way you feel about that thing. It can also change your whole view on things. This article will focus on the proper way to say the word Betta.

Definition of Betta

Betta is a small brightly colored long-finned freshwater bony fish of the family Anabantidae that inhabits the southeastern Asian region.

Definition of betta

Guide on Betta Fish Pronounce

Which is it, Bet-ta or Bay-ta? The proper English pronunciation of Betta is “bet-tah” and not “bay-tah.” The first part is the same as the English language word 'bet'. Even though people all over the world pronounce this name differently, the word bet is one of those English words that has a consistent pronunciation everywhere.

America-The name is sometimes pronounced /beɪtə/ in American Accent, and it may be written with one 't'. The genus name is derived from the Malay word ikan betah, which means "persistent fish."

UK-The British accent follows the Great English Vowel shift, in shifting beːta to biːta. Even though both syllables are stressed, the first is unstressed.

Norwegian-In Norwegian it's pronounced as either beit-ta or beet-tah. The reason for this is that Norwegians actually use the letter combination "ea" instead of the letter combination "ej" which is used by Swedes and Danes. This can probably help you remember which pronunciation you should use.

Swedish-In Swedish it's pronounced as "bett-uh". Again, there is no phonetic difference between Bet or Betta. Its interesting that only some countries have phonetic difference between bet and beta.

Latin- The Latin pronunciation of the name Betta derives from the Malay word "ikan betah." The Malay pronunciation of the genus name is with three syllables: "be-tah" and not "bay-tah." It may be written with one 't'.

Greek-In Greek, the letter β is pronounced "veeta." η "eeta," ι "yenta," μ "mee," ν "nee," π "pee," τ "taf," and many others fall into this category.

Where Does the Word "Betta" Come From?

Some believes that they have been named after a tribe of warriors with a similar name. The tribe was known as the "Bettah" which means “noble warrior.” It's really quite fitting that they were named after this tribe of people because Bettas are known for their fighting spirit and courage.

The vernacular name "plakat" for the short-finned ornamental strains comes from pla kad, which means "fighting fish" in Thai. (All have aggressive tendencies in the wild and are intensively line-bred for aggressiveness in eastern Thailand, as evidenced by their common name.) The Thai term isn't limited to just the Betta splendens, but is also applied to the other members of the genus.

5 Tips for Perfecting Your Betta Pronunciation

  • 1. The audio pronunciations- The best way to get it right is to listen and repeat. If you can, find a native speaker of the language that uses the correct pronunciation and record them saying it. Then play it back and imitate what they did.

  • 2. The next best way is to use technology such as voice recognition software that will allow you to see while hearing your speech along with feedback.

  • 3. You can try watching videos of native speakers saying the word and imitate their English pronunciation to the best of your ability.

  • 4. This is not suggested but you can look up the phonetic spelling on Google Translate or another online dictionary that has this feature.

  • 5. Focus on one accent: mixing many accents might be difficult for novices, so stick to a single accent ( US UK ) and you'll be fine.

How do you spell betta fish

How Do You Spell Betta Fish

Betta fish are sometimes misspelled as betty fish. 'BETTA'  is the correct spelling of betta. It is often pronounced /ˈbeɪtə/ in American English, and may be spelled with just one 't'. The name betta is derived from the Malay word ikan betah ("persistent fish"). It has two syllables, not three. The second 't' is silent.

Noun: Another name for fighting fish

More About Bettas

Betta fish is a species of fighting fish that was popularized as a fighting fish in Thailand. These aquarium fish are known for their long, flowing fins and their vibrant colors. Nowadays they are available in almost all fish stores.

 The betta is an omnivorous fish that eats both plant matter and small insects. They are also called as Siamese fighting fish or betta splendens. They are known to fight each other when in confined spaces and in overcrowded conditions.

Bettas are found in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia. They prefer warm water with low visibility. This is why they are usually found in shallow waters near the edges of rice paddies or slow-moving streams. Their natural habitats are tropical areas with little rainfall. The natural environment of these fish can be easily replicated when kept in an aquarium.

There are many varieties of bettas, varying greatly in color and finnage. The betta fish will flare its gills if threatened by another male to make themselves look larger and more impressive.

They also spread their fins widely at that time, making it difficult for the other fish to swim around them without causing a fight. This flares gills behavior can be triggered when a betta is in an aquarium with other males or when they are in a confined space. Males can also be very aggressive towards each other and will fight until one is dead or wounded.

When raised in an aquarium, smart betta fish can live for more than three years and will reach an average length of two inches. They are considered a good beginner's pet because they are so hardy, cheap to keep and not too demanding. However, if you want them to grow bigger and healthier, you should provide them with lots of space and cover their tank well as they are known jumpers.

They require at least a 10 gallon of space if raised alone. If you have more than one betta fish in a tank, you should provide at least 20 gallons of space for each fish. A filter is needed as they are prone to disease and can easily catch ick from dirty water.

Betta fish are tropical fish that need a lot of warmth to thrive. They don't do well in cold water nor do they like stagnant water. A temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for them, but they can survive at temperatures as low as 74. The water should be kept very clean and must be changed once in a week.


Betta fish is a species of fighting fish that was popularized as a fighting fish in Thailand. These long finned fishes are known for their amusing personality. The betta fish are sometimes misspelled as betty fish. It is often pronounced /ˈbeɪtə/ in American English, and may be spelled with just one 't'.

Betta owners sometimes have conflicts when it comes to the proper classical pronunciation of betta fish. People all over the world pronounce betta fish in different ways. But the preferred accent is /ˈbeɪtə/ . It has two syllables, not three. The second 't' is silent. You can also refer to dictionary for the proper pronunciation of this species. This article has provided you with information on how to pronounce Betta fish.

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